Residential Hardware

Before you worry about finding the perfect hardware style to fit your home, first, make sure you consider what kind of functionality your hardware needs.  Do you know how to change a door lock, so all of your home’s interior hardware coordinates? With a range of finishes, we’ll make sure you find the one best suited to match your home’s distinct style. After seeing what Schlage has to offer, you may even decide to start fresh with something completely new. Keep in mind, you can customize your knobs and levers with different finish options for either side of the door.

Quality Hardware Makes the Difference

Different doors within your home require different kinds of knobs and levers with their own, specific locking options. For example, exterior keyed entrance locks should be the strongest locks in your home. While bedroom or bathroom locks should provide added privacy with a push button from the inside. Electronic keypads are a great option for families on the go, because they eliminate the hassle of constantly searching for your keys.

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